"Smart has helped my business tremendously. Since utilizing Smart's services my 2010 collections are 120% greater than 2009. Smart has encouraged and assisted me in providing, hiring and training additional staff, has gotten me familiar with new therapies I could provide to my patients, such as acupuncture which has been added to my clinic.

Smart has assisted in negotiating and obtaining a medical doctor for my clinic expansion. Smart has negotiated network contracts for me and has helped me to go out of network with insurance plans that were not in my best interest. Smart has trained my staff to collect cash packages anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars. Hiring Smart was one of the best business decision I have ever made."

Dr. Steve - Austin, Texas

"Smart Healthcare Solutions has transformed my practice. After getting burned by a different billing company, I was very leery or using another company. After speaking with Smart's owner and her references, I felt nervous yet confident in using Smart's services. I made the best decision ever! Smart has increased my collections, helped me get organized and really walked my through proper billing procedures. Smart showed my office how to document and help create procedure to make my office run smoother from each transition. Smart is defiantly not the "average billing company". Smart even went back 2 years to fix, re-bill and appeal my old billing that the previous company dropped the ball on. Smart collected over 100,000 dollars of money left on the table by my previous company. I can't thank Smart enough."

Dr. Dave - Clifton, New Jersey

"Smart's Answering Service combined with their Billings Services are outstanding. Smart even does our verifications! I have tried several billing companies and none have come close to Smart Healthcare Solutions!"

Dr. Dan - New York, New York

"I have been working with Smart Healthcare Solutions since 2007. A colleague of mine convinced me to use a different billing company. I was assured all the "BIG" practices worked with this company and they would even be cheaper. So I took the leap and switched. Smart was very professional when I left and checked in on me periodically. I was very impressed with their professionalism. The other company turned out to be a disaster! I could never get a hold of anyone, they had inexperienced staff working on my files, my billing was not transparent, verifications were extra, consulting services were extra, couldn’t get help with marketing plans and my office was never a priority. The owner of the other company just made excuses and blamed me for the issues. I never had these issues with Smart. I always felt like my office was number one with Smart. Within a year, I was back with Smart and have been here ever since."

Dr. Mark – Boca Raton, FL