Medical Consulting Based in Harrington Park, New Jersey

Create a better experience for your customers with medical consulting from Smart Healthcare Solutions of Harrington, New Jersey. Our team understands that strategic advantage is won or lost in service delivery. So, we assist you by closing gaps and achieving improvements that deliver demonstrable and reportable returns.

Smart Solutions

Smart Healthcare Solutions recommends business solutions that take your available resources, budgets, and technologies into consideration along with the impact they'll make on your company. Using our methodologies helps you build a customized road map that sets the right balance between cost, quality, and revenue for you, your customers, and your business as a whole.

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Practice Assessments Cover

• Proper Use of Modifiers
• Handling of Financial Plans
• Front Desk Performance
• Insurance Billing & Collections
• Proper Billing for Services
• Medicare Rules & Regulations
• Auto & Workers Compensation
• Maximizing Reimbursements
• Assessment of EORs & EOBs
• Insurance Appeals Procedures
• Insurance Verifications (If Applicable)
• Secondary Submission Procedures
• Negotiation & Re-Credentialing of Managed Care Contracts
• Patient Collections & Statements

Customer Service

The best businesses make customer service a top priority. They recruit and reward exceptional employees because they recognize that satisfied clients are the best marketing tools. By combining experience, hands-on training, research, and progress measurements tools, Smart Healthcare Solutions helps you develop strategies to ensure that your service level surpasses customer expectations.

Hospital/Insurance Company Services

• Dispute Handling
• Dispute Support
• Report Analytics
• Customer Support
• Customer Service Center

Document Management

• Imaging
• Index & Labeling
• Work Flow
• Peer Review
• Radiology Review
• Nurse Review
• Hospital Audit
• Inbound & Outbound Mailroom Services
• Automated Letter Generation
• Medical Advisory Solutions
• Independent Medical Exam (IME)
• Physician Advisory Review (PHAD)
- Telephonic Case Management (TCM)
- Field Case Management (FCM)

Medical Bill Review

• Automated Review
• Fee Schedule
• Rules, Flags, & Edits
• Code Review
• Utilization Review
• Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network Access
• Litigation & Arbitration Management
• Out-of-Network Services
• Payment Issuance
• Claim Negotiations (For or with Provider)

Auto Solutions

• DPR/Pre-Certification Services
• Independent Medical Examination (IME)
• Physician Review and Determination (PHAD)

Third-Party Audit & Analysis

• Treatment Detail Report
• Treatment Calendar
• Level One through Level Four Solutions
• Medical Bill Audit (Automated Bill Review)
• Professional Code Review with Narrative
• Professional Nurse Review with Narrative

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